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Market Solutions

Market Solutions

I.  Vertical Markets
  1. Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing
  2. Education, Sports and Entertainment, Energy
  3. Hospitality, Real Estate, Transportation
II.  Global Markets
  1. US, LATAM, Europe, Asia
  1. Planning – Align Business with Technology Strategy and provide product fit

  2. Design – Design (High level) product, Architecture and Migration plan 

  3. Implementation – Implement the product that include customization, migration and initial support

  4. Support – Ongoing product / solution support for optimization, Product/Solution life cycle support


Aurasoft Group


Aurasoft Group products are designed to work for any industry around the world. All the product has some basic functionality that is applicable across broad. Some of the key features are the build-in capability such as multi-currency, multi-location, single sign-on, dual authentication across all our offerings. All these will be a fraction of the cost due to the nature of the software that is available in the industry and delivered as a SAAS (software as a service) model hosted in the cloud with enhanced security.


Aurasoft Group products are applicable to a wide range of industries with best practices build into from day one; companies would prefer to customize a solution to fit their processes which are also designed for no-code customization.


We’ve successfully customized the software for varies industries and on their needs. If you would like to find out as how we can help, please contact us for discussing your needs further.

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